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Is It Safe To Use MDMA, AKA Molly, Every Now And Then?


Uproxx's Mark Shrayber talks to Malcolm Thaler, M.D. about casual MDMA, covering everything from the real dangers to potential side effects. Thaler debunks myths like pure MDMA is safer than ecstasy tablets and then goes on to explain how you can be as safe as possible if you are going to consume it against his recommendations.

This article originally appeared on Uproxx

If personal accounts and the 1999 Jay Mohr vehicle Go are to be believed, MDMA is the best drug on earth. The substance — once called Ecstasy, now Molly — has been a rave/electronic party staple for decades. After some relatively fallow years in the late 2000s, the drug has enjoyed a pop culture renaissance since 2012, when Kanye rapped about it, Miley danced with it, and the media was flooded with articles warning everyone of its dangers.

But despite admonitions that using MDMA even once could permanently damage your brain, the drug remains popular at night clubs and festivals (where it has claimed lives). Anti-MDMA crusaders have an uphill struggle. How do you contend with a substance that, as one person told us, “Feels like orgasming constantly in both mind and body”? Besides, is it really that dangerous? Isn’t that just hype?

We spoke to Malcolm Thaler, M.D. of One Medical Group to discover the truth about whether it’s safe to take Molly (the name that’s currently associated with street-level MDMA) on a casual basis, how to be as cautious as possible when rolling, and the unintended effects that can occur after use.

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