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Discover the Story Behind Mr. Oizo's Worldwide Hit 'Flat Beat'


What's the story behind Mr. Oizo's track "Flat Beat"? Funny you should ask, Ben Murphy of DJ Mag catches up with the French producer to figure out what inspired the hit.

This article originally appeared on DJ Mag

“Serious artists in general are assholes,” spits Quentin Dupieux.

“DJs who don’t smile are boring. Musicians who think they have something important to say are dumb.” That sounds like fighting talk, but the French electronic music producer better known as Mr. Oizo is just being matter-of-fact.

His attitude is divergent with a lot of folks, who treat techno as some sacrosanct temple never to be demeaned, and house as holier than holy. Yet it also makes a lot of sense when you consider his musical output. Reigning over all is his breakthrough cut ‘Flat Beat’, a gloriously stoopid celebration of beats and bass for their own sake.

One of the weirdest hits ever, ‘Flat Beat’ consists of little more than a wiggly, swung-out breakbeat — from The Fatback Band’s ‘Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)’ — and a warping, parping, bassline squelch. But released as a single, it reached Number One in the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy and Finland: an affirmation of the fact that sometimes, dance music is best when it’s simple and silly. But did it really only take him two hours to make?


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