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Festival Fans Reminded of Refund Rights


While there's plenty of event production companies trying to find their piece of the music festival market, what happens when the event doesn't deliver and you're left out of cash? Frank Chung shares great suggestions to Aussie fans that will also help to protect fans in North America from being ripped off!

This article originally appeared on News.com

Nearly 50 music festivals have been cancelled across Australia since 2010, and more seem to be joining the graveyard all the time.

As the summer season approaches, Queensland Fair Trading is warning consumers to be aware of their rights to avoid being left out of pocket.

In a notice on Monday, Fair Trading executive director Brian Bauer said consumers were often required to pay for tickets upfront, putting them at risk of last-minute cancellations or line-up changes.

“Under Australian Consumer Law, a business cannot accept payment then fail to deliver what was promised,” Mr Bauer said in a statement.

“If a festival is cancelled, ticket holders are entitled to a full refund from the ticket seller.

“If the event goes ahead, but the line-up is very different to what was promised, you are also entitled to a refund if you never would have bought the ticket had you known about the revised line-up.

“It is important though, if you want to seek a refund because of line-up changes, that you not attend the festival at all, as once you attend, you are effectively agreeing to the changed line-up.”



• Do your research. Look online for reviews of previous festivals run by the same organiser. Look out for any news articles about bands pulling out of the festival or about organisers having disputes with suppliers or venues.

• Be careful about paying upfront for tickets to a festival that does not have a proven record of success.

• Know your rights. If the line-up or date changes, and you don’t want to attend anymore, make a written request for a refund immediately.


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