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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch the Trailer for an Epic Documentary on the Rise of Dance Music in Norway

Dance music is receiving yet another fascinating documentary that proves the the power of dance music to bring people and cultures from around the world together.

Northern Disco Lights: The Rise and Rise of Norwegian Dance takes traces the Norwegian dance music legacy back to the beginning, to the 70s and 80s when a group of Norwegian teens turned to music to enliven their otherwise dormant surroundings in the isolated country at the edge of the arctic circle.

"We were trying to escape the dull reality of living in Norway." - Bjorn Torske said.

Norway changed forever, but so too would music never be the same. In this fascinating documentary we learn about the birth and rise of disco and dance music as a whole in Norway, one of the most creative areas in recent years as some would say.

"We like rhythm, we like disco... I guess it's a dream ya know, the perfect party." - Annie DJ/Singer.

Told straight from the DJs, international stars, authors and figureheads of a musical revolution, this story is one that every dance music fan should experience.

The documentary will premiere at the Doc ‘N’ Roll festival in London on November 5th. Check out the trailer below!

To learn more or get involved head to NorthernDiscoLights.com.

Cover photo via facebook.com/northerndiscolights