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EDM.com Spotlight

Dance Floor Etiquette - Here are the Do's & Dont's [WATCH]

You're trying to get in your zone, soak up the music and dance yourself clean but some people on the dance floor just keep killing your vibe. We've all been there.

In a new episode of Zero to Sixty, Senior Editor Devin Culham runs through the essentials for proper "Dance Floor Etiquette," which every dance music fan should become familiar with.

A conversation about dance floor etiquette is a great reminder for us to stop and think about the reason we are all here.

We listen to this music and go to these shows and support these artists because this music makes us feel good. So when it brings us together, we should be spreading nothing but love and respect to keep these good feels flowing.

And for that matter, it's worth saying that the magic is not just found at the front of the crowd, closest to the stage... sometimes the most magical moments happen in the way back when you end up dancing like nobody is watching with a stranger who couldn't help but join in because your groove was so contagious.

Tell us your own dance floor etiquette rules of thumb or share one of your favorite magical moments on the dance floor in the comments below!

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