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Mixing alcohol and energy drinks ‘has the SAME effect on the brain as taking cocaine’


A new study reveals the effects of combining energy drinks with alcohol with cocktails like Red Bull and vodka. With ravers often relying on mixed drinks like these to keep them going, it's worth thinking about how much you are consuming and how it's affecting you.

This article originally appeared on The Sun

The brain chemistry of mice given high levels of caffeine drinks mixed with alcohol was similar as those given cocaine, a new study has shown.

Scientists found the brain reacts in similar ways to caffeinated energy drinks, like Red Bull, mixed with alcohol as they did to cocaine

DRINKING vodka mixed with Red Bull changes the brain in a similar way to taking cocaine, experts have warned.

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol alters the activity in the adolescent brain – which lasts into adulthood, they found.

Energy drinks, like Red Bull and Monster, contain as much as ten times the caffeine as soft drinks and are often marketed to teenagers.

However,little is known about the health effects of the drinks, especially when they are consumed with alcohol.

Dr Richard van Rijn and his team at Purdue University, Indiana, looked at the effects of mixing highly caffeinated energy drinks with alcohol in adolescent mice...

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