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EDM.com Spotlight

Insomniac to Debut New Harm Reduction Effort with DPA at Halloween Event

This Halloween weekend, EDM's most prolific events and production company Insomniac will debut Project #OpenTalk, a new harm reduction method in conjunction with the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA).

For its Halloween festival in San Bernardino, California, Escape: Psycho Circus, Insomniac will have, for the first time ever, an on-site service where trained educators will provide information on the health issues and questions that matter most to ravers.

"It’s an onsite service that will allow attendees to receive honest, unbiased information about drugs, sex and mental health concerns," Stefanie Jones, director of DPA’s Safer Partying campaign, wrote in the announcement on DPA.com.

Project #OpenTalk is a collaboration between Insomniac and DPA's Safer Partying Campaign as well as Healthy Nightlife.

This will mark the first time in over 10 years that Insomniac has worked with an advocacy group to confront drug-related health issues at events. Insomniac as well as other promoters and event organizers have too often shied away from such partnerships for fear of persecution for drug propagation under the RAVE Act.

"We need to share news of this venture – it may mark a turning of the tide toward practical and compassionate drug education and harm reduction services at more festivals and events across the U.S.," Jones wrote.

Cover photo via facebook.com/Insomniacdotcom