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Martin Garrix Is Finally A Top 40 Hitmaker: An Interview


Hugh McIntyre talks to Martin Garrix, who was recently crowned the World's #1 DJ, about everything from feeling the pressure of the mainstream limelight to his debut album, which Garrix says is complete. Garrix didn't reveal a release date, but he said that right now the label is strategizing how it will be released.

This article originally appeared on Forbes

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix reacts after being named best DJ of the world during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), in Amsterdam, on October 19, 2016. (FERDY DAMMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

He might only be 20 years old, but Martin Garrix is already one of the most successful names in the electronic music industry, which itself continues to expand every year. He first broke onto the scene in a major way back in 2013 with “Animals,” an odd concoction that somehow worked, and the song immediately went viral and charted well in plenty of territories. That strange tune helped catapult the then-teenager to EDM fame, where he’s remained ever since.

2016 finally saw Garrix take a leap and push into the highly lucrative world that blurs the lines of electronic dance music and top 40 pop with his hit “In The Name Of Love.” The song, which features current pop it-girl songwriter and vocalist Bebe Rexha, sounds as if it were engineered to perfectly stick in the minds of millions, which is exactly what has happened. The single broke into the top 40 on the Hot 100 in the U.S. just last week, and it’s made it to the top 10 in major markets such as the U.K., Australia, and much of Europe. Combining Spotify and the two official clips on YouTube alone, “Love” already has over 430 million plays, and that figure grows every day.

I recently spoke to Garrix about the success of “In The Name Of Love,” balancing pop and dance, and what it feels like to be 20 and have earned an incredible $16 million in the past year alone...

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