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Coyu on Donald Trump, Suara’s New Fashion Store, His Favorite Genre and Playing in Los Angeles


Suara label-boss Coyu chats with 6am Group's Marco Sgalbazzini to discuss the upcoming US Presidential Election and his opening of his first fashion store.

This article originally appeared on 6am Group

It’s ADE and Amsterdam is buzzing. The mid-October air is crisp cold yet everyone is still biking as if it’s summer out. I am rushing and weaving through late-morning traffic as, admittedly, I am running late for my interview with Iván Ramos, artist name Coyu, due to some unforeseen complications I ran into that morning.

Walking into the Miracle Management hub for ADE week I am greeted warmly by both Coyu and Bruno, who was kind enough to set up the interview during one of the craziest weeks of the year. I know Coyu doesn’t have much time — he is running a label and has a Suara showcase in Amsterdam that night, is opening a fashion store in Barcelona, oversees the Suara Foundation which benefits cats and of course is a successful producer and DJ in his own right. Literally just over a week following the interview (this weekend) he is scheduled to play Suara showcases in San Francisco first and then in Los Angeles for Underrated Presents’ Minimal Effort Halloween — a one-day festival in the heart of the city’s downtown area.

To say that he is a man always on the run would be an understatement, and while the fact that I am a tad bit late doesn’t help my cause, he is as welcoming as he can be and we immediately get right down to business.

When did you arrive here in Amsterdam?

Today, an hour ago actually. I am leaving after tonight (date for Suara’s ADE showcase) and going back tomorrow, it’s crazy. We are about to open a physical Suara fashion store. I have a ton of interviews and things going on for today – half of my staff is here and half of the team is over there.


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