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How Much is a DJ Set Really Worth?


In this special series from Electronic Beats, editor Michael Aniser tackles what an artist's set is actually worth. Breaking down the value of a set record by record to see which sets really are the most valuable.

This article originally appeared on Electronic Beats

Record digging and stamp collecting have a lot in common these days.

he advent of Discogs and the ubiquity of the internet have created a commonly accessible market for vinyl records that’s standardized prices in a way that simply didn’t exist years ago. Rare records that might not have had well-known prices in the pre-Internet age are now fetching significant dough both on the connected second hard market and in specialty record stores around the world.

Many of our favorite DJs are “diggers” who pride themselves on playing these obscure, rare and otherwise prohibitively expensive vinyl cuts. But what do their sets really cost? What is the price of good taste?


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