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In Defence of Track IDs: Is Shazam Disrupting the Dance-Floor?


Stamp the Wax's Joshua Brill represents the other side of the coin when it comes to the debate of having phones on the dance floor. Do you agree with Brill or do you think more venues and artists should prohibit phone use?

This article originally appeared on Stamp the Wax

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The ‘no phones on the dance-floor’ debate is pretty undisputed within our circle. Of course no DJ wants a flashing light beaming in their face whilst they’re trying to mix. Equally no DJ wants to find a throng of people engrossed on luminescent screens whilst they’re trying to cultivate an atmosphere of togetherness.

Venues like Berghain, Trouw (RIP), Fabric (support them here) have had long-standing bans on phone photography for this reason, but also to protect the party-goers themselves who want to feel safe and comfortable indulging in whatever hedonism they wish to.

This is all elementary and fairly uncontroversial, but the danger is when party throwers and DJs err on the side of dogmatic thinking in their quest for that untainted utopic night of ‘no phones on the floor’ – no matter what...

... Read the full editorial by Joshua Brill at stampthewax.com

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