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EDM.com Spotlight

Caspa and Rusko Are Confident on Their Second Collaboration 'EP 2'

Longtime friends, collaborators, and leading figures in dubstep, Caspa and Rusko have just released a second EP.

Simply titled 'EP 2' the three track E.P. brings a heaviness and grit that makes it instantly recognizable as UK dubstep. The longtime producers sound confident and polished in their sound design, utilizing space and rhythm to drive the opening track "Riddem Again". "Cup of Tea" peels back from the heavy sounds of EP's second track "Whiplash" to offer upbeat reggae-dub.

Caspa and Rusko have long been credited in their solo endeavors for their contribution to the dubstep diaspora. Just last year, the two producers decided to announce their plans to tour and collaborate in the studio. In July, Caspa and Rusko dropped their first collaboration since reuniting with the 3-track EP, 1.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

Cover photo courtesy of Jennica Mae Photography