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Flux Pavilion, The Beat of His Own Drum and Bass


Ahead of his performance at the 2016 Get Freaky in Salt Lake City, Daily Utah Chronicle's Lauren Gutierrez speaks with Flux Pavilion about what drew him to dubstep, his best advice to aspiring producers and how he has seen the genre evolve.

This article originally appeared on Daily Utah Chronicle

“What drew me to the sound of dubstep that I love and still love is the punk attitude of it,” said the EDM artist Flux Pavilion. Writing music was something he’d always done for fun from a young age, so naturally it evolved into his becoming a DJ, hosting and performing at open mics in college. The drums and bass aspect of dubstep was alluring to him because it had a dark, underground, angry vibe to it.

In an industry that puts an emphasis on fitting into a particular category or tailoring music to suit what has already been done, Flux took a different approach. His artistic choices are based on whether he’s having fun, not necessarily caring if it will be good for his career. “That doesn’t matter,” Flux said. “I can’t choose if it is or not anyway. All I can decide is, ‘Do I like my song or not? Have I put my all into this piece of music?’ That’s the only thing I’ve got power over...

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