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Kevin Saunderson: In conversation with the techno founder


Ahead of his label's 30th anniversary, living techno legend Kevin Saunderson talks to writer Sean Bradford about everything from his roots and creative process to his top memories, his different aliases and where techno is now compared to its earliest days.

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post

File under living legend. In a small city about thirty minutes from Detroit, Kevin Saunderson and two of his high school friends crafted a sound called techno. And that small city would also give birth to their nickname. Together, Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson aka The Belleville Three, not only inspired a city, but also launched an international movement. And as dance music continues to grow, with a resurgence in the United States, an explosion in Latin America and Asia, and continued loyalty in Europe (not to mention the rise of African underground), it is incredible that Saunderson is still in overdrive. “The Good Life,” the international hit which Saunderson released under the moniker Inner City (with vocals by Paris Grey) just about sums it up. I spoke to Mr. Saunderson ahead of the Detroit Love parties in Paris and Barcelona this fall.

Is there anything you want to say? Hi! How are you? I’m still at it, actively working and I love what I do. My 30th anniversary is coming up from when we started my label. I will be doing E-Dancer live in some very limited places. It’s exciting, I have so many memories...

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