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USB-C Only: What Solutions Will DJs + Producers Need?


Apple has announced that their latest line of Macbook Pros will not have a USB port. What does that mean for DJs? Dan White from DJ Tech Tools explains just what the new hardware update could mean for DJs.

This article originally appeared on DJ Tech Tools

For many DJs and producers, new Apple laptops have been important because macOS has been a historically bulletproof operating system for playing live. But with the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines both shifting to USB-C only, what do DJs and producers need to continue to use their current setups? Keep reading for our advice.

USB-C: An Industry-Wide Standard

Many online commenters waxing poetic about the new Macbook Pro yesterday came to a few false conclusions:

There’s no USB ports on the new MacBook Pro

Apple is removing an industry standard port and replacing it with their own proprietary one

In fact, USB-C is the new standard of USB ports. The original USB standard, which we’re all used to, was introduced in the mid-1990s (on the iMac G3). Twenty years later it’s time for a new standard – and there’s a distinct list of advantages that make it clear that this connector will be the expected port on every device in the future:

-10Gbps top speed transfer rate
- 2.6mm port height allows it to fit in phones, super-thin laptops, and other slim devices
- completely reversible – there’s no up or down orientation for the connector
- the same connection on both ends – no device/computer sides to the cable
- supports DisplayPort, HDMI, power, USB, and VGA – all over the same cable
- USB-C supports 100w power delivery – so most devices will be able to be charged and powered and data connected via this cable

Over 700 different companies are a part of the group that designed and developed the spec for USB-C, including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Intel, HP, and Dell. You can expect continued adoption of it by manufacturers as it becomes more widespread and manufacturing prices go down.

Apple might be “out in front” in terms of releasing a laptop that only has USB-C ports on it, but we expect to see most other manufacturers follow suit. For another example, look no further than Google’s latest product introduction, the Pixel phone, or other devices like the Nexus 6P, 5X, OnePlus 2, etc.


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