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With Their Second Album, AlunaGeorge's Aluna Francis Wants Fans to Make a Deeper Connection


In this feature from Paper Mag AlunaGeorge's Aluna Francis discusses what it means to have a platinum record, making music to break barriers, and why fans should dig deeper.

This article originally appeared on Paper Mag

“Just because we went double platinum doesn't mean America loves me," says 24-year-old Aluna Francis, one-half of electro-pop duo AlunaGeorge.

She's referring to her DJ Snake- produced single, “You Know You Like It," which first came out (originally sans DJ Snake's bouncy club production) back in 2013 on AlunaGeorge's debut album, Body Music, but clinched its double platinum status last year. Even so, Francis believes her American fans still "don't know who I am," she says. "They don't know I'm hear to stay, or that I mean what I'm doing and I'm genuine. All of that will be proven with our new album." That new album, I Remember, is the second full-length for Francis and her bandmate George Reid and came out last month.

"With the first album, George and I were seeking to create what hadn't been done before," Francis says. "It was a process of discovery. What came from that were pieces of music we enjoyed, but there was no genre for that. The average music consumer doesn't have time to absorb new sounds, so that's why Body Music was very much for people looking to to be surprised or invest in something they hadn't heard before." The result was an album that was a critic's baby, even if not a huge commercial success. This time around, Francis says she's adopted the mindset that music can't just be weird -- it also has to "make sense." There has to be something for people to latch onto, so even though AlunaGeorge has always experimented with strange electronic elements in their music, they've also strived to "pull it back into the context of something familiar," something the duo strived for in their sophomore effort.


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