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Borgore’s Favorite New Artists, Tips to Life (+ More)


Pariah Reign sites down for an in-depth interview with Borgore ahead of his set at the Boise stop of Safe In Sound Festival. From an upcoming high profile rap collab to Borgore's secrets to success, this interview delves deep!

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Photo Credit: Cybele Malinowski

Last week at the Boise stop of Safe In Sound Festival, we had the opportunity to interview the headlining artist, Borgore. We sat down with the Israeli producer in a noisy green room and chatted about music life, just minutes before he had to be on stage.

Borgore is a wealth of knowledge. The man knows his stuff. In this interview, he talks about:

Upcoming releases (including a high-profile rap collab)
Learning English
The secrets of success
Starting a record label
And so much more.
Enjoy this deep dive with Borgore.

Enter: Asaf Borgore

Pariah Reign (PR): Hey, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. I know we don’t have much time, so let’s get into this. Last year you were running your own tour [The Buygore Show], and now you’re playing for Safe in Sound. What’s the difference between the two?

Borgore: There’s not a big difference because we help Safe in Sound pick the artists we want to see on the tour. Like tonight for example: Eptic, Snails, Terravita? It’s an amazing lineup, you feel me?....

... Read the full interview at http://pariahreign.com/borgore-favorite-artists-li...

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