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India's Sunburn Festival May Not Be Forced to Leave Goa

India's annual Sunburn Festival may not be forced to leave Goa after all.

Late this summer, the southwestern state of Goa implemented new tourism regulations during the peak holiday season of December and January. One addition to the new rules stated that no more than one festival event could take place in the coastal state during the holiday season. Supersonic, which in years past has been held in Goa close in date to Sunburn has already decided to relocate its festival to Pune.

Goa's Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar has said that Sunburn may continue to take place in Goa as long as it pays Rs 1.75 crore (approximately $260,000) to supply police and security personnel for the event. Otherwise, Parulekar says that the permit application has been submitted and has not been rejected pending payment.

However, some industry insiders suggest that Sunburn may also relocate to the western-India city of Pune.

H/T: Business Standard

Photo courtesy of Rukes.com