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"Snowden Is a Hero": Boys Noize on Giving Oliver Stone's Film Its Electronic Pulse


LA Weekly's Andy Hermann speaks with German producer Boys Noize in honor of his new collaboration with film composer Craig Armstrong for Oliver Stone's new film, Snowden. Alex Ridha aka Boys Noize talks about everything from his studio and how he stays motivated to how it felt watching the new film with his music and his feelings on Snowden and more.

This article originally appeared on LA Weekly

Shane McCauley

"I'm really into technology," says Alex Ridha, the man known to electronic dance music fans as Boys Noize. "I always update my studio with the newest [gear]. I get easily bored with sounds. So how can I motivate myself to make new music? It always has to do with new sounds."

It's that restless, easily bored streak that has made Boys Noize one of more interesting producers of the last decade. He first rose to prominence in 2005 and 2006 with a series of EPs, singles and remixes that combined the sleek, mechanized sounds of classic techno with the distorted, heavily compressed synths of electro-house, but soon branched out into everything from acid house to ambient pop, especially through his many collaborations with artists as diverse as Erol Alkan, Chilly Gonzalez, Mr. Oizo and Skrillex.

His latest collaboration came with film composer Craig Armstrong, who together with music supervisor Budd Carr and co-composer Adam Peters reached out to the German producer and asked him to remix a simple piano melody Armstrong had written for Oliver Stone's new film, Snowden...

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