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Meet The Black Madonna, A Spiritual Producer Working Hard To Be Herself


The Black Madonna was a quiet staple in the scene until she suddenly became one of the vocal leaders of the underground revival. With an incredible reputation for her work-ethic and fiery dance moves, Sophie Weiner scratches below the surface to learn more about the mysterious Black Madonna for this feature in The Fader.

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“There are some very good studies about what touring does to your body, and the Cliffs Notes version is this: nothing good,” Marea Stamper, 38, said over Skype from her hotel room in L.A., breaking into a chuckle.

Though based in Chicago, Stamper, who releases electronic music and DJs incessantly as The Black Madonna, was in California to perform at FYF Fest, where she’d be joined onstage by the Swedish pop star Robyn for a live rendition of her “Indestructible” remix.

In conversation, even when talking about her toughest times, Stamper laughed loudly and often. Her Black Madonna project has won her fans in both niche Chicago dance circles and broader international nightlife scenes. Her ecstatic DJ sets, during which she usually spins vinyl and dances just as hard as the crowd, have led her to prestigious festivals and Earth’s most popular clubs. She’s also the creative director, a resident artist, and the first woman talent buyer at Chicago’s legendary Smart Bar, the city’s oldest continuously running dance music venue. And to get to this point, she’s worked hard. “I’ll have these moments where it just doesn’t seem like my life,” she said. “There’s a little piece of me that is always afraid that someone’s gonna take the ball back.”


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