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Devin Culham

Celebrate Dillon Francis' Birthday with Our Top 10 Dillon Tracks

Our favorite DJ-turned-web-comedian Dillon Francis is celebrating his 29th birthday today! Take a trip down memory lane with us with some of our favorite Dillon tracks!

1. What's Your Name? - Dillon Francis & Calvin Harris

2. Some Chords - deadmau5 (Dillon Francis Remix)

3. Set Me Free - Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix

4. Get Low - Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

5. Anywhere

6. Jealous - Chromeo (Dillon Francis Remix)

7. Masta Blasta (The Rebirth)

8. We Make It Bounce - ft. Major Lazer & Stylo

9. Need You - Dillon Francis & Drezo

10. Bun Up the Dance - Dillon Francis & Skrillex

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Devin Culham Staff Writer

Born and bred with the Detroit techno scene, I pledge my allegiance to the underground.


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