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Rüfüs du Sol 'Take Turns Driving the Computer': An Inside Look at Aussie Trio


Aussie trio RÜFÜS DU SOL are poised for a an American take-over. In this feature from Billboard, writer Patrick Shannon gets the band's unlikely backstory.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

On a Thursday night in Santa Monica, California, a calming ocean breeze is trailing the scent of marijuana through a crowded pier and up into a large sound stage at the base of the dock.

According to a local police officer, there’s about 30,000 spectators flanking the historic wooden structure, suffocating for space and wishing they RSVP’d for the free show on the pier.

Right as the sun begins to bend on the Pacific horizon, three Aussies known as Rüfüs du Sol take the stage and prepare their instruments to entertain with a night of house-infused indie dance selects.

The band has been together for six years and are hitting a stride that is only rivaled by an Olympic runner after one hundred meters. Their sophomore album, Bloom, has been embraced around the world, and they recently announced a large scale North American tour for this fall.

Their sound stems from the ability to communicate as “one brain,” and mesh their individual talents. “We’re three dudes that are producing in the studio and writing in the studio,” says singer Tyrone Lindqvist. “Everything. We all write the lyrics. We all write the vocal melodies. We all write the chords. We all take turns driving the computer. We haven’t met many bands that work like that.”


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