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DJ posts Facebook rant about people who move next to clubs then complain about noise


One DJ had plenty to say in a Facebook post that went viral. The DJ lashes out at people who move into neighborhoods near clubs and then complain about the noise. Johnny Lieu has the story at Mashable.

This article originally appeared on Mashable

When looking for somewhere to live, most people do a bit of research about the area they're thinking of moving into.

It's pretty easy to figure out whether a house has great public transport links, proximity to shops, or happens to be in the middle of an entertainment precinct. Like the inner-city suburb of Northbridge in Perth, Australia, home to numerous live music venues and clubs.

It's little wonder why local DJ Timbee, real name Tim Lanzon, isn't too pleased aboutresidents moving into the area *then* complaining about the noise coming from venues.

"Do you know what grinds my gears like almost nothing else? People who move into a nightclub district and then seek to start active campaigns against the venues around them," he wrote in a Facebook post last Thursday.

"They seek to actively target and destroy a community which was there long before these whinging yuppies took up residence in a completely inappropriate location."


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