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Addressing The Fentanyl Crisis As A Community With Harm Reduction


Fentanyl is one of the largest culprits of the Pacific Northwest's opioid crisis. Cameron Frazier of Dance Music Northwest tells us why we, as fans, need to be sensible in our own harm reduction so that we can draft effective drug and education policies.

This article originally appeared on Dance Music Northwest

Harm Reduction has always been an important topic that we happily stand behind, whether it’s practicing safe sex, wearing ear protection, or testing your party favors.

Partying smart allows you the opportunity to return to the dance floor another day. There is certainly no way around the fact that drugs are a part of the dance music scene. With the growing popularity of EDM, it has never been more appropriate to keep the subject of Harm Reduction on the table and up for discussion.

This year (2016) has been plagued with an alarming amount of overdoses that almost all have pointed back to adulterated party favors containing fentanyl. While some choose to push for prohibition with tighter laws and punishment for drug use and possession, others have chosen to inform and educate the public of the risks associated with drug use, along with how to prevent or reverse overdoses.


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