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How Music And Dance Help Grow The Human Brain


We know that music has the power to eliminate stress and increase general happiness, but does music and dance also have the ability to help grow the brain? Mitchell Chamberlain from Medical Daily goes over the groundbreaking new study from International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research.

This article originally appeared on Medical Daily

Growing up, you may have played the piano or attended dance classes, and depending on your true preferences, you found this either torturous or wonderful. Your parents may have forced you into it by saying the lessons and classes would help you develop, and a new study offers support for their case.

Headed by Concordia PhD candidate and lead author Chiara Giacosa, a team of researchers from the International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research found the brain is more strongly affected by musical and dance training than previously believed. After examining the white matter structure in the brains of experts in dance and music with experience in their respective fields, "we found that dancers and musicians differed in many white matter regions, including sensory and motor pathways, both at the primary and higher cognitive levels of processing," Giacosa said in a press release.


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