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Police Seize €300K Hidden in Bank Safes from Amnesia Club Owner

Amnesia Nightclub in Ibiza has had its share of incidents this season.

After the club was initially raided by police in July seizing €2 million euros, club owner Martín Ferrer and several of of his associates were arrested in suspicion of tax fraud. To add to its woes, earlier this week Amnesia's late night operating license was revoked after three complaints were filed by police for the club breaking hours.

Now, police have uncovered €300K euros in two hidden bank safes belonging to club owner Martín Ferrer. As reported by Diario de Ibiza, the Spanish national government has began investigating instances of tax evasion, particularly on the Balearic Isle. Although the two bank safes were known to federal agents during its initial raid in July, they were unable to confiscate the safes contents until a judge issued a court-ordered warrant.

The seized contents have increased the totally amount confiscated from Martín Ferrer to €2.2 million euros.

Currently, Ferrer and his associates have been released from police custody and are out on bail.

H/T: Resident Advisor

Editor's Note: The cover photo image reflects the initial raid in July. Photo courtesy of El Mundo