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Now You Decide Who Gets Into the Club with 'Berghain ze Game'

Berlin's notorious techno nightclub Berghain certainly has an illustrious reputation for its strict door policy.

While popular culture has caught a whiff of the exclusivity of the club, we've previously had the opportunity to test our own skills at getting in the club with a simulated feature.

But if you're sick of having someone else tell you whether you're getting in, we introduce to you 'Berghain ze Game' which puts the power in your hands of who will make it through the nightclub's sacred doors.

According to the game's website, the rules are fairly simple:

All kinds of people are standing in line trying to get in to Berghain, the world’s most notorious night club. As one of Berghains legendary bouncers, it's your job to foster the right mix. Let the right people in, outshine your colleagues and win the game!

Players have action cards on hand and guest cards are placed on the table. Guests include Hipsters, Gimps, Bloggers, Fag Hags, College Kids, Narcs, Bears, Cubs, Stoners, Club Kids and lots more. Guest cards form a line in front of the Bouncer and they score between –2 and +5. There are five guest categories and the pink cards are the most valuable. The player with the best guests (most points) when the line is empty, wins the game. That’s it.

Berghain ze Game will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the game's development.

H/T: Pulse Radio