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Enter the Dark World of BlackGummy in This Exclusive Escape: Psycho Circus 2016 Mix


For Insomniac.com, Alexander Dias speaks with deadmau5 protégé and mau5trap artist BlackGummy in honor of his new EP and ahead of performance at Psycho Circus. BlackGummy shares everything from origins of samples and inspirations to how he was signed with mau5trap. Check out the interview and listen to a special Psycho Circus mix.

This article originally appeared on Insomniac

The story of how BlackGummy harnessed the dark energy behind his music reads like a modern piece of folklore—if you believe in such things. While on a journey through Asia and the Middle East, he came into contact with an ancient talisman. The black bear’s earlier attempts to speak to the world were fruitless until it met Iman Marouf, the human channel for the idol’s message. What exactly the bear is trying to communicate isn’t completely clear. What is evident, however, is that its message is dark, intense and multilayered.

What do you get when you separate the myth from the man behind it? A young, L.A.-based producer whose dark and gritty tunes fit perfectly within the mau5trap DNA. Continuing the label’s history of breaking genre-bending musicians whose creativity often puts them in a category all their own, BlackGummy is part of the new class of deadmau5 protégés. Straddling the lines between techno, electro, and industrial with traces of progressive trance, BlackGummy’s bold, dancefloor-friendly rhythms help tell the unfolding story of the dark, sticky effigy from which he gets his name...

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