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Could dancing make you a better person? One study reports that tappin' your toes on the dancefloor could make you a better, and more emotionally sensitive person. Yasmine Choukairy from Trax Mag gives us the details

This article originally appeared on Trax Mag

Dancing is good for your health. You get some exercise, mess around, fall flat on your face sometimes (all the time). You do something you enjoy while burning calories.

But moving your body on the dance floor (or the wet mud of a free party, the parquet floor or a ballroom) could even make you a better person. An american study reported by the Boston Globe says it all: dancers are more emotionally sensitive than your average man in the street.

Watching a professional dancer in action, just like going to a good concert, should encourage an emotional response from the spectator. The team behind the study wanted to know where these emotional responses come from: the accompanying music, the story that is being told, or even simply the beauty of the moving body? They took two test groups, one comprising professional dancers, and one non-dancers, and showed them both the same series of short clips of professional dancers. All of the participants wore electrodes on their fingertips in order to gauge the intensity of their reactions.


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