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Hidden DJs, Free Entry, No Line-UP: This Clubnight Might Be the Coolest New Place to Party


What if you went to a club, didn't pay a fee to get in, and didn't know who the DJ was? Would you still have a good time? This is what one Parisian club is experimenting with.

This article originally appeared on Pulse Radio

An American club made headlines earlier this year when it banned laptops from the DJ booth in the hopes of creating a more back to basics vibe.

But Parisian nightclub Badaboum has taken things a huge step further, announcing that for its new Thursday event Merci, DJs will be hidden behind a curtain to conceal their identity.

Merci is billed as a “return to the original values of clubbing,” back before the DJ was the centre of attention, all eyes on them, and clubber's danced in any direction with only the music in mind.

Not only will the identity of the DJ be hidden while they play, but headliners won't be announced ahead of the party, meaning you'll simply have to show up and start dancing — star power be damned.


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