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Buenos Aires' Ban on Electronic Music May Keep Kraftwerk Off Stage

Last April, 6 individuals died on account of bad drugs after attending the Buenos Aires edition of the long established Time Warp events.

The tragic loss resulted in an increased skepticism of electronic music and events, resulting in Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Laretta to impose a blanket ban on performances that "uses synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument."

Event organizers submitted a special event permit this past July, far in advance of the scheduled November 23rd performance. According to reports from Buenos Aires' own Clarín, two weeks ago, however, the city notified event promoters that the permit application had been denied despite consideration that 70% of the events tickets had already been sold.

City officials told Clarín:

“...after Time Warp, the court of Judge Fastman prohibited all electronic events. Therefore, although paperwork were submitted accordingly with 30 days notice, we cannot grant such permission."

Kraftwerk, a German 4-piece who are global pioneers in synthesizer based music and have been largely influential in the creation and development of electronic music, this year were nominated to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Despite Kraftwerk having a diverse fanbase spanning across generations, the music ban prohibits all electronic music performances – not just events that impose risk of drug use and threats to public safety.

Event promoter Move Concerts has submitted an appeal to the city offering than the concert is unlike high intensity electronic music festivals:

“[Kraftwerk] use synthesizers but the proposal to have a different format: it is a concert for all the public that will last an hour and a half to two hours; and no alcoholic beverages will be offered."

The concert is scheduled to occur on November 23rd at Luna Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

H/T: Resident Advisor