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The Best Apps for Making Music with iPad


Producers are ever-pushing the boundaries of how music can be made using computers. In this fascinating feature, Dan Derks goes over some of the most exciting apps for using the iPad as a musical interface.

This article originally appeared on Reverb

Miller Puckette, creator of Max and Pure Data platforms and music professor at UC San Diego, spoke at NYU about his work with computer music back in 2013. In his opening, he wondered aloud at why these devices that are primarily designed to do office work continue to enchant musicians.

Rather than attempt an answer, Puckette simply shared his hope that these machines’ current implementation in art is still in its infancy.

But if computers have the potential to be considered a new class of instrument, what is the best way to actually "play" them?

Some might say that it’s not about the computers themselves, but rather the applications and programs we use with the computers to create music. After all, the app is what determines how inputs are turned into outputs in the same way that instruments determine how our breath, finger and arm movements translate into sound...

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