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Summer Camp Music Festival Addresses Relocation Rumors In New Statement


Summer Camp Music Festival traditionally held at Three Sisters park in Chillicothe, Illinois has been looking into alternative locations.

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Longtime fans of the Summer Camp Music Festival were on edge yesterday, as an article in the Commercial-News reported that the festival was cleared to set up shop on a new site during the same Memorial Day weekend as years past.

hough the Commercial-News article didn’t specifically name Summer Camp, fans recognized its description from the scheduled dates, as well as the festival’s parent company, Progressive Innovations, LTD.

That article stated that the festival was coming to the Kennekuk County Park, site of the former Phases Of The Moon Festival,and roughly two hours driving from the festival’s current location at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL. Naturally, longtime fans of Summer Camp were a bit concerned about the relocation of their festival, ultimately forcing founder Ian Goldberg to make a statement about the situation.


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