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EDM.com Spotlight

Buenos Aires Buckles Under Pressure as Kraftwerk Show Moves Forward

The city of Buenos Aires has taken a hardline stance on electronic music since the tragic passing of 6 event attendees at last April's TimeWarp event.

Earlier this year, Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Laretta put a blanket ban on electronic music events from taking place in the city to curb drug-related deaths. In accordance with its initial drafting and interpretation, the ban included all music that "uses synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument".

Under this definition, electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk would not be permitted to play their November 23rd performance in Buenos Aires. Kraftwerk, who have been globally influential by introducing the use of synthesizers to popular music, were nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.

Event promoter Move Concerts submitted an appeal to the city explicitly stating that the Kraftwerk performance would only last between one and a half and two hours and would not permit alcoholic beverages.

Since that time, Clarín reports that the Judge Lisandro Fastman has reviewed the appeal and has decided to reverse its decision which will allow Kraftwerk to perform in Buenos Aires.

However, the issue doesn't end there. Still adamant about preventing massive electronic music events in Buenos Aires, the city will now review its definition of electronic music for the precautionary ban.

H/T: Resident Advisor