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EDM.com Spotlight

Benny Benassi's Famous "Cinema" Gets A Classical Rendition [WATCH]

"Cinema" was one of EDM's hottest tracks when it first debuted in 2011, taking over festival main stages and introducing a new legion of fans to electronic music.

Although the original version was released by early-crossover artist Benny Benassi, Skrillex's official remix of the track helped to catapult the young DJ's career to stratospheric heights.

Now the dance floor anthem has gotten a classical rendition from the pianist of the orchestral cover band Metamorphestra. Beautifully arranged for the piano, the cover of the EDM hit demonstrates the original single's ability to transcend genre barriers with its uplifting melodies.

Which version do you like best? Compare with Benny Benassi's original and with Skrillex's successful remix!

Want to hear more classical compositions of your favorite songs? Help fund Metamorphestra's upcoming album The Ship of Theseus.