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For Mija, club-music success came quickly. Now she's trying to subvert it


In a new interview with LA Times, Mija recounts her rise to fame from starting as a promoter to becoming one of the fastest rising club DJs. Learn more about her journey to the top and why so many of her peers think she's pushing the scene forward.

This article originally appeared on Los Angeles Times

Compared with her current career as one of L.A.’s fastest-rising club music DJs, Amber Giles’ first consistent music gig wasn’t quite so glamorous.

After a teenagedom spent promoting raves around her hometown of Phoenix, Giles finally landed a regular slot at a professional venue. The club, however, was actually a local Sheraton hotel, where she had to win over the local techno kids and some less-than-party-primed business travelers.

That gig gave her the genre-agnostic, pointedly competitive streak that still drives her shows today.

“I grew up really fast,” she said. “Raves felt very punk rock and rebellious, and a lot of my friends were older house-music dudes and I wanted to prove to them that I could do this too...

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