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EDM.com Spotlight

Which Festivals Have the Craziest Stage Designs? [WATCH]

What sets music festivals apart from one another is the size of the headliners and the size of the main stage.

A big stage can provide a big floor for artists and fans to connect on a massive scale. With brighter lights, louder bass, and pyrotechnics that will blow your mind, the stage is as important to the musical experience as the music itself.

While some festivals prefer a more intimate gathering, these festivals are looking to break record with their intricately stage designs and creative themes. Featuring some of the most mesmerizing stages from across the world, check out these impressive sites from Tomorrowland, Defquon.1, Mysteryland, and more!

What is your favorite festival stage? Which stages have the best music and the best parties? Tell us in the comments!

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