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EDM.com Spotlight

deadmau5 Presents His MasterClass: Online Music Production Lessons [VIDEO]

deadmau5 is teaming up with MasterClass to teach electronic music production. The famous Canadian producer, otherwise known as Joel Zimmerman, wants to share the wealth of wisdom he's gained from decades of disciplined "goofing around."

On a more serious note, deadmau5 calls his MasterClass a great primer and starting point for anyone interested in electronic music creation. From recommendations on affordable equipment and software to tips and tricks for mixing and mastering, deadmau5 shows you how to get started.

"I can teach someone how to get from nothing to something." - deadmau5

Once you get your feet wet, deadmau5 will break down his creative process and walk you through his experimental approach to songwriting.

"This class is designed for you to develop your own style and developing your own sound."

Finally, deadmau5 will instruct you on how best to market your music and actually try to make a career out of it. He'll even throw in some words of inspiration and motivation based on his own experiences.

"If you're not naturally comfortable on stage, from my own personal experience, you should try putting on a fucking helmet that covers your face, so you don't have to see anyone." - deadmau5

Coming winter 2016, deadmau5's MasterClass will span over 20 exclusive video lessons for an enrollment fee of $90 each. The classes will also come with downloadable workbooks and opportunities to upload videos for feedback from deadmau5. Learn more at masterclass.com.

From singing lessons taught by Christina Aguilera to filmmaking courses instructed by Werner Herzog, MasterClass lets you learn from the world's most respected professionals.