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DJ Dillon Francis Brings CrossFit on Tour


Dillon Francis' new passion and primary way to stay in shape for non-stop schedule is CrossFit. Believe it or not, EDM's favorite funny man went from taking jabs at the trendy workout program to taking a CrossFit trainer with him on tour. Hear the story of how Dillon got into CrossFit from him and his trainer and find out why he converted.

This article originally appeared on Reebok

There’s no denying that Dillon Francis is one of the hottest DJ’s and record producers in the world right now. As house music and EDM have grown in the popularity over the last few years, Dillon’s celebrity has grown in tandem.

At the age of 29, he’s already toured internationally, released multiple EPs and an album, and garnered a loyal Instagram following of 1.5 million fans.

In fact it’s through Instagram that Dillon’s followers may have noticed a new, and perhaps unexpected, passion. CrossFit.

“I knew that Mike [Finn], my tour manager, did CrossFit so I’ve always joked around with him about how CrossFitters feel the need to talk about it all the time,” says Dillon.

While at a fitness competition back in 2015, Finn met and became friends with Conor Murphy, a Certified CrossFit Trainer and Coach at Reebok CrossFit ONE in Massachusetts.

“Mike and I started chatting more and getting together every time he came into Boston,” says Murphy. “In August of 2015, I flew out to Vegas to meet up with him for one of Dillon’s shows. Dillon is obviously a celebrity so I wanted to be cognizant of his time and keep to myself...

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