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EDM.com Spotlight

DJ Hanzel Finally Gets the Top Bill to Go 'One Deeper' in LA

Dillon Francis is nearly as famous for his wild Snapchat comedy routines as he is for being a successful DJ and producer.

Perhaps one of the most beloved of Dillon's comedy tropes is his alter-ego DJ Hanzel, the Berlin tech-house star that is a tongue in cheek parody of the competing and often times pretentious European underground. DJ Hanzel always insists that the music go "One Deeper", and for Francis its an opportunity to share his diverse musical tastes without alienating his regular audience.

Although DJ Hanzel has occasionally made special guest performances and has collaborated with fellow producer Drezo on "Need You", next month's performance at LA's 1500-capacity venue Exchange will mark alter-ego's first headlining performance ever.

DJ Hanzel will take over The Exchange in LA on December 22nd, if you're in the area don't forget to scoop your tickets!

H/T: Mixmag