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Justice on How Women Inspire Their Music, Their New Album and What They Think of Diplo


Ahead of the release of their third studio album, Justice sits down with Maxim to discuss the new LP as well as their controversial video on racial tensions and their thoughts on popular American DJs like Diplo and fame in general.

This article originally appeared on MAXIM

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The French EDM duo is back with its third album, 'Woman.'

After five years of silence, the sounds of EDM's enfant terrible, Justice, makes a welcome return to swanky rooftop bars and hipster dance dens with its third album, Woman.

Featuring a children's chorus on the vocals, the lead single "Safe and Sound" harkens back to the French duo's biggest hit to date, "D.A.N.C.E." from its debut, Cross. But the distorted, occasionally harsh sounds that made the electro group both musically divisive and criminally underplayed on the dance floor are toned down, instead allowing funky disco breaks, synths and slap bass to take center stage.

The end result is a more upbeat and mellow record, a take fans and music critics alike have uniformly praised. "We didn't expect people to welcome it so much," Xavier de Rosnay, who makes up the group with his more taciturn companion Gaspard Augé, admitted. "We're so used to having half of people liking something and the other half hating it. We're never overconfident...

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