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​Flume Interview: “I Don’t Even Really Know What EDM Is”


Ahead of the November 25 release of his Skin Companion EP, Flume talks with NME about his upcoming shows in London and Manchester, why he thinks the Ultra Music Festival Mainstage is "not done nice," and why The Chemical Brothers are his musical heroes.

This article originally appeared on NME

Flume’s second album ‘Skin’ was experimental by necessity. “For lack of a better way of describing it,” says the 25-year-old electronica fanatic, “a lot of people just ripped off my sound. I was like, ‘Fuck, what I do now?’”

The Aussie musician – real name Harley Streten – doesn’t name names, but he doesn’t really have to. After the release of his self-titled debut, Flume’s home country was suddenly awash with bedroom producers inspired by him: “A lot of kids got excited, saw some kid who wrote this record in his bedroom at his parents’ house – and that was the story, because that was what happened – and they were like ‘Fuck yeah, I’m gonna get a copy of Ableton’.”

There are higher profile comparisons to be made too. Earlier this year EDM bro Diplo accused his peer Zedd of using a ‘fake Flume drop’ in Zedd’s commercial M&Ms single ‘Candyman’ – but Streten remained gracefully diplomatic by saying nothing. He still won’t comment on it, but he does distance himself from the EDM cash juggernaut...

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