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Inside Grey's 'Starving': How a Cold Email to Skrillex Spurred a Dance Hit With Hailee Steinfeld


In a new interview with Billboard, electronic production duo Grey tells the story of how they went from another act in a sea of electronic artists to creating their hit song "Starving" with Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

Drew Ressler

It was merely a year ago when a friend gave Grey, otherwise known as brothers Kyle and Michael Trewartha, a mystery email address. They’d just began collaborating as a production duo and one of the first songs they concocted was a remix of Jack U and Justin Bieber’s smash, “Where Are U Now.”

“Our friend said, ‘If you ever have anything really good, send it here,'” remembers Michael from Grey’s home studio in Santa Monica, California. “We had no idea who it was, but decided to send our Jack U remix.” Two hours later, they improbably received a reply: “Hook me up with a download link! You got anymore? -Skrillex...

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