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EDM.com Spotlight

Zero to Sixty: Why Did We Stop Putting Value on Music?! [VIDEO]

Gone are the days when you would scour CD racks to find a record you heard on an obscure radio station, but does that mean less and less are still supporting the artists doesn't mean there aren't still ways to support the artists you love.

Senior Editor Devin Culham challenges music fans to think about whether they are really valuing music as art.

Thanks to the internet, the Napster revolution and now the streaming era, music listeners can find anything, anytime, anywhere. The upside is, music is more apart of the average individual's daily life, and people are consuming more music every day. But with this comes an altered perspective.

Fans have come to expect music for free, especially in electronic dance music where SoundCloud continues to play a large role. Listeners have become desensitized, and almost apathetic to the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating music.

Maybe it's time we stop and think about the last time we supported an artist we loved by accessing their art with a legitimate subscription or springinf for digital version or special vinyl edition?

If a streaming subscription is all you can afford, it's certainly better than nothing. But it's also worth thinking about the impact of streaming on creative and groundbreaking music that pushes art and society forward. Read more about the topic in Devin's feature article: Is Music Streaming Killing Off the Creative Musician?