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How Did Deep House Become the Pulled Pork of Dance Music?


Josh Baines makes an argument explaining deep house's comeback and why Gorgon City, Disclosure or Robin Schulz can be compared to the kind of pulled pork that's "stingy, grey and served in a can."

This article originally appeared on THUMP

This post ran originally on THUMP UK.

Culture, like a bowling ball chucked down Ben Nevis, or a pisshead let loose in the bowels of a Brewdog, marches forward relentlessly. Well, we'd like to think so anyway. That's the attractive narrative we're trying to will into being every time we read or write a breathless blog post about Balkan-juke or force our mates to listen to a mix of brand new jungle records made by a teddy bear from Scunthorpe or sit our mum down for some branded video content in which a DJ plays a set live from the bottom of the Marianas Trench. The reality is a little different.

Culture, really, and quite obviously, is, in the present day at least, a largely regressive and retroactive thing. We embrace the past—be it the French nouvelle vague or South American magical realism or Japanese chiptune—because a) the contemporary is abjectly fucking terrifying and b) creating anything truly, genuinely, radically new is nigh-on impossible. So we fool ourselves into buying into anything that purports to any kind of newness because doing so is a way of sustaining a myth of resistance, even if we know that that myth is no more true than the idea that buying a Diet Coke negates the effects of a Big Mac.

So, we burrow unthinkingly into the seductive safety of the near past, preferring to wrap ourselves in a cultural comfort blanket. Well, we reason as we slide over a twenty pound note in exchange for a ticket for the latest Star Wars film, anything for an easier life, eh? And that line of thinking is largely unavoidable, something each and every one of us is guilty of, because behind the laziness and the fatalism lies a fundamental truth: new things are difficult. And that's why deep house slid into the mainstream. And it's how deep house became the pulled pork of dance music, too...

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