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What Song Is This? Here Are Three Easy Ways to Find Out


It's not always easy to find the track ID in electronic music. Here are 3 helpful ways to find the name for that thumping beat when you just can't put your finger on it.

This article originally appeared on Digital Music News

It’s a common, everyday question: ‘What song is this?’ Here are three easy ways to find out the artist and title of a song you like.

1. Shazam

This is probably the best known song identification app, and a really fun app. Download it to your phone, then simply activate it when you hear a song you want to identify. Point your phone to the speaker playing a song, and let Shazam do its magic.

If Shazam can match the song, it quickly displays it on your screen. Then, you can listen to it later on YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or someplace else. Shazam can’t always make a match, but it succeeds a large percentage of the time.

Even better, Shazam displays extras like lyrics. It also catalogs all of your searches, so you can review them later. You can even use Siri or Google to automatically initiate a song search. Cool!

You can download Shazam for iPhones here. Or, if you’re an Android user, download it here.


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