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5 Times Björk Predicted the Future


To celebrate Björk's 50th birthday, i-D compiled a list of 5 times that the visionary vocalist predicted things long before they became public mainstays.

This article originally appeared on i-D Vice

Today is icon, hero, supreme creature Björk's birthday. To celebrate 50 years of her being the most magical person on earth, we're not so much looking at the past, but rather her uncanny connection to the future.

Eternally ahead of her time, the Icelandic singer has a pretty impressive track record of knowing what music, the arts and humanity will flock to next. Here are five times that Björk knew what we needed before we did.

She knew electro and pop were made for each other...

Before her first grown-up album Debut, and the critical and commercial success it attracted, the two genres were seen as very different beasts. But from the dawn of her solo career Björk set out to rip down any creative barriers, and show that elitism had no place in making music. That early success of melting pop and electronica inspired musicians everywhere — including Madonna.

The superstar followed Björk's lead on her sixth studio LP, Bedtime Story, released a year later than Debut. Björk actually wrote the title track, where Madonna sweetly sings "Let's get unconscious honey." While the album saw a patchy reception, it put Madonna on the path that would lead to Ray of Light — the album that ushered in one of her many career renaissances.

The Madonna collaboration isn't even the most unexpected of Björk's career. She worked with hip-hop producer Timbaland on her sixth studio alum, Volta, and even had plans to collaborate with Beyonce on Medúlla, her fifth LP. Unfortunately, they din't come to fruition due to scheduling difficulties — but there's always time.


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