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A-Trak on Remixes, Dance and Hip Hop's Differences & the Blog Era's End


In honor of his "In the Loop: A Decade of Remixes" compilation album, A-Trak sits down with Billboard to discuss his perspective on the importance of remixes and how the remix process has changed over the years from the informal and exciting blog era to the infrastructure it is now. He goes on to touch on his record label Fool's Gold and the impact of the streaming era. Check out the remix compilation and Billboard interview below.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

In The Loop, which arrives in physical form next month, celebrates a decade's worth of remixes from the influential DJ/producer/Fool's Gold label co-founder A-Trak. Reading an amusing, informative booklet that accompanies the release, you might be surprised to learn that A-Trak had a serious problem with punctuality: many of these dancefloor fillers were turned in weeks or even months after the due date.

"I handed things in late many, many times," A-Trak tells Billboard Dance. "There's that great Frank Ocean interview that came out in The New York Times: he said something like, when you're making music, when it's all said and done, no one remembers how long it took -- people remember the work. That's always how I've approached my work, sometimes to the dismay of my management...

Though remixes are often treated as secondary to original compositions -- even if a remix climbs the Billboard charts, for example, the original artist is usually credited, rather than the producer who realigned a song's elements to make it more popular -- A-Trak's In The Loop argues for their importance on several grounds. He credits remixes with teaching him how to produce original songs, and perhaps more importantly, with fostering a sense of community, which in turn aided the growth of his label, Fool's Gold...

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