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Studio 101: Compressors, Expanders, And Gates Explained


Dance Music Northwest's Ben Billey gives fans, young aspiring producers and curious minds a basic primer on studio essentials, mainly compressors, expanders and gates. Be sure to head over to Dance Music Northwest's Production section of their website for more informative features on production.

This article originally appeared on Dance Music Northwest

Because you can't have a good mix without good dynamics control.

There are many tools in a producer’s arsenal. The countless effects one has at their disposal often brings up a few questions. What does this plug-in do? When do I use it? Knowing a little more about some of the essentials can do wonders for your mixing. Compressors are a staple in every genre of music production, and are used in a variety of ways to achieve balance. They can regulate volume, diminish clutter, or completely remove unwanted noise. We’re going to discuss three variations that accomplish this: regular compressors, expanders, and gates.


A compressor is an electrical amplifier that reduces the dynamic range of a signal. Basically, it brings the loud and quiet parts closer together in terms of volume...

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