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Will Saymyname's Hard Trap Sound Be EDM's Next Big Thing?


Hardstyle has had trouble catching on with American audiences, but can Saymyname's Hard-trap fusion finally sway fans?

This article originally appeared on LA Weekly

A raging storm-cloud of dust rolls down a San Bernardino hillside as a stampede of ravers rush the Basscon tent at Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland 2016. Screams and hollers of anticipation fill the overstuffed circus tent as clusters of attendees spill out the sides. The stage manager, unused to such commotion, adds bodies to the security detail and erects extra barricades in front of the stage.

Dayvid Lundie-Sherman, aka Saymyname, grabs the microphone. “Nocturnal, let’s do this!” A short, suspenseful build-up of classical music — then, BOOM! A wall of bass practically knocks the crowd to the grassy floor of the dusty tent. They scream in delight, begging for more.

Perhaps they can’t vocalize it precisely at this moment, but the crowd clamors for the "hard trap drop.” The drop feels like a tidal wave of bass on the Basscon speaker array as snare hits and speedy hi-hats accentuate its force. Then, just when they think they’re safely on dry land, Saymyname hits them with the ubiquitous hardstyle kick drum, never letting them rest.

Saymyname is the “Godfather of Hard Trap,” a fusion of the hardstyle and trap subgenres of electronic dance music. Principally, hardstyle is characterized by its obsessive demands for ever-more outrageous kick drums, and trap is characterized by its “drops” where the bassline takes prominence in the track as its time signature is cut in half. Since he couldn’t figure out which sound he liked more, he simply fused the two, and the dance music world has been better for it ever since.


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